Book Review Past, Present & Future

Book Review – Forward Arsenal! By Bernard Joy (1952)

Christmas 1952, my Dad read Forward Arsenal!, seventy years later, it’s Christmas 2022 and I am reading my Dad’s copy of Forward Arsenal! This is my review. 

Book Review End of Life Past, Present & Future

Book Review – A Practical Guide to End of Life Care (Clair Sadler, Ed)

An appreciative book review of A Practical Guide to End-of-Life Care edited by my sister Clair Sadler.

Book Review Organizational Change

Book Review by Dr David Wilkinson: Managing and Leading Organizational Change (Hughes, 2019)

Review by Dr David Wilkinson of my latest textbook.

Academic Book Review Organization Theory Past, Present & Future WULBA

Book Review – Pandemonium: Towards a Retro Organization Theory (Burrell, 1997)

A book review of Pandemonium: Towards a Retro-Organization Theory by Gibson Burrell.