DSCF0209_edited-1The site title ‘Woodland Decay’ reflects my favourite natural cycle metaphor.  In nature a natural process of growth and decay is always at work.  I enjoy walking in forests and beneath my feet there is invariably the debris of previous seasons.  As branches and leaves decay they become a living part of the forest floor.  This woodland decay subsequently becomes the engine for new growth as small saplings, plants and flowers begin to grow.  This natural cycle works wonderfully well without human intervention.

Organizations and changes in organizations reflect similar  organic processes.  No organization goes on forever. Successful organizations sometimes become unsuccessful and vice versa.  Organizational change is a dynamic process which we do not fully understand with human agents working sometimes  irrationally and sometimes rationally.

On a personal level one of my gardening passions is composting.  Both the theory and practice fascinates me. Those bags of so-called gardening  waste products which some people like to take to the waste tip are potentially part of the fuel which fuels the garden. In the compost bin a wonderful alchemy takes place creating a wonderful rich compost. I am very clear that I will return to nature one day, we all become compost one way or another.  I am comfortable  with that at present although possibly the anxiety kicks in as composting time draws close.