Notebooks 1, 2 and 3

Notebook No.1

How they framed organizational change failure

1. In the beginning

2.Do 70% of organizational change initiatives really fail?

3.Who killed change management?

4.The role of textbooks in framing organizational change failure 

5.A tale of change management failure on the misty literature mountains

6.A different organizational change failure story

7.Beyond the rhetoric of failure

Appendix – The graveyard of disappointed hope: Narrating organizational change failure


Notebook No.2

How they constructed change leadership

1.Introduction: We cannot all be change leaders even for one day

2.Anarchy in the UK, Anxiety in the USA

3.Reality used to be a friend of mine

4.Eight steps towards successfully leading change 

5.Transformational leadership misrepresented and misunderstood

6.Let’s assume change leadership works

7.Commanding, managing and leading change

Appendix – The graveyard of disappointed hope: Questioning the leadership of change in Higher Education


Notebook No.3

Did I really claim that organizational change tends to fail?


2.A chronology of organizational change failure framing

3.Special Issue on ‘organizational change failure’ contributions

4.Special Issue on ‘organizational change failure’ editorial

5.Why was I framed as claiming that change tends to fail?

6.Organizational change failure: There and back again

Appendix – The Graveyard of Disappointed Hope: We proceed with an assumption that leaders have a significant influence on organizational change – that’s interesting!