Dr Mark Hughes

What is Woodland Decay: Questioning Organizational Change all about?

We know organizational change is a complex, ambiguous and context-dependent process and I am keen to provoke critical thinking and debate about such processes.

Who is Woodland Decay’s target audience?

These posts will echo my inputs into organizational change workshops, working with experienced managers/leaders.  Posts will typically be around 1000 words  and they will not be fully referenced, but they will contain 2 or 3 references as further reading.   The reader is envisaged as being organizationally experienced, who wants to intelligently engage with organizational change topics and controversies. I hope, you may agree with some of the  posts and disagree with others.

Who are you?

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I am a former university Reader in Organizational Change.

Over the decades I initially taught undergraduates and then postgraduates. More recently my work has tended to be off-campus working with external clients typically through engagement workshops which last for between three and five days, synthesizing theory and practice. I have found this work fascinating, I enjoy mixing theories and practices and hope to replicate this in these posts. 

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What are the means of engagement?

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