Dr Mark Hughes(Bio/Contact)

What is Woodland Decay all about?

I have enjoyed provoking critical thinking and debate about organizational change processes over many decades. On this personal site I have shared organizational change thoughts, provocations and selected publications. Increasingly I will be posting on what fascinates me in the natural and cultural world.

In later life, I am reengaging with consciousness and transformation at the personal level and within the natural world as I begin to accept and embrace my own decay.

Who are you?

I am a former university Reader in Organizational Change, author of organizational change textbooks, monographs and journal papers (please see separate publications section). Over three decades I initially taught undergraduates and then postgraduates. More recently my work tended to be off-campus working with external clients typically through external engagement workshops lasting for between three and five days, synthesizing theory and practice.

As Nico sang, these days I no longer do too much talking, these days I do more walking. These days, I seem to think about the things I forgot to do and all the times I had a chance to.

I am enjoying being more (centred, grounded, present) and doing less (work, work, work). Reading about nature religion, shamanism and mysticism in different parts of the world and during earlier centuries informs and enthuses me. Meditation and prayer calms me and gardening, composting and woodland walks ground me.


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