Dr Mark Hughes

What is Woodland Decay all about?

Organizational change is a complex, ambiguous and context-dependent process. I have enjoyed provoking critical thinking and debate about such processes over many decades. In later life, I am reengaging with consciousness and transformation at the personal level, reflected in a broadening of the focus of the posts.

Who are you?

I am a former university Reader in Organizational Change.

Over three decades I initially taught undergraduates and then postgraduates. More recently my work has tended to be off-campus working with external clients typically through external engagement workshops lasting for between three and five days, synthesizing theory and practice. I have found this work fascinating and I will be doing further workshops and talks, although increasingly I enjoy my gardening.

What are the means of engagement?

On Twitter my username is @OCReviewDesk

On email I may be contacted via – markwoodlanddecay@gmail.com