Academic Leadership Management Organizational Change

The Dark Side of Leading Change

How university academics encouraged coercive persuasion, manipulation and aggression in the development of leadership.

Cultural Review Into nature

Breaking Convention 2023 and Natural Magic Worlds

A verdant reflection on participating in Breaking Convention 2023 at Exeter University and exploring magical worlds within nature.

Cultural Review Into nature Past, Present & Future

Teenage Engineering PO for Pixel: Silver Birch Sampled

Embryonic work using videos of trees to create new sounds and new images using the PO for Pixel.

Book Review Past, Present & Future

Book Review – Forward Arsenal! By Bernard Joy (1952)

Christmas 1952, my Dad read Forward Arsenal!, seventy years later, it’s Christmas 2022 and I am reading my Dad’s copy of Forward Arsenal! This is my review. 

Into nature Woodland Decaying

Walking in Friston Forest, Seven Sisters Country Park

In this post, I share some photographs and thoughts on a very enjoyable walk through wonderful Friston Forest.