Academic Organizational Change Past, Present & Future

Woodland Decay Broadcasting

In a lockdown world of video conferencing Mark starts video broadcasting.

The plan in the summer of 2019 was a simple one. After 32 years working at Brighton Business School, in later years as a Reader in Organizational Change, I would take a year out. My thinking was that I would rest my body, mind and soul and then in the summer of 2020 take on a part-time academic role, perhaps doing some talks and ad-hoc occasional workshops, nice!

As we now know the world changed in 2020 and my simple plan seemed far less feasible. I was being challenged by changes in the wider environment to change – oh the irony. I’d enjoyed the honest toil of gardening and DiY and part of me wanted to carry on gardening. I am not sure if it is the lockdown mentality that has been culturally engineered, but I had also lost my enthusiasm to travel and visit organizations (hopefully it will return).

As a teenager in the seventies, punk rock had a big influence upon me. The ethos was that anyone could make music, regardless of ability or resources. I was surprised how I could publish books using Kindle Direct Publishing without any expenditure and YouTube could be used in a similar way. The learning curve for these creative enterprises has frustrated me at times, but also it has energized me.

A listing of the videos on the Organizational Change Review Desk playlist on You Tube is available on this post.