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Listening Exercises

Short rant about nobody listening, despite a narrative about listening exercises.

The news media is like a William Burroughs cut-up these days.  I tend to surf many news websites and absorb bits of news as I skim the surface.  My deep engagement is missing, but it is how it is at present.  In my head, I mix up the coalition which initiated the military response in Libya with the conflict in terms of demonstrations in this country and the coalition government who are currently in power. It has all become sadly mixed up as I hear about demonstrators being shot dead and the coalition sending in fighter planes. It might be old age, but I feel like we are living through revolutionary times.  Although in all honesty some of the revolutions are the revolutions of my mind.

In this country the coalition government have been unequivocal in asserting that they would not address demonstrators concerns.  We have to be grateful that we live in a democracy.  Strangely, the levels of public and professional  hostility towards the NHS privatisation have resulted in a listening exercise.  Apparently they are going to pause, listen and reflect. As they say I hear what you are saying, moving forward, blah, blah, blah.  And then I read that BBC Radio Question Time was cancelled because of a death on the railway line stopped politicians and the audience getting to the venue.  Another human tragedy. Questions go unasked, despite the highly publicised listening exercises, we are not really hearing the misery.