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FA Cup Final 2011

Short sentimental reflection on the 2011 FA Cup Final.

Enjoyed watching the Cup Final this afternoon.  I do not support either side, but for the sake of football I was pleased Man City won. It  took  me way, way back to watching FA Cup finals with  my Dad.  Back in the seventies both ITV and BBC would cover the final and the coverage would start at breakfast time.  Slowly the atmosphere would build up.  

The games did not always live up to the build up, but you couldn’t fault the build up.  It really was the golden age of the past, happy times, secure times and family times.  And after the match myself and some of the other boys would kick the ball around in the road, emulating our heroes in a completely carefree manner.  The game is so very different these days, one of the players was reputed to be on £220,000 a  week, something was lost in the translation.