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The Orb live @ The Haunt Brighton (10/10/13)

One of many live sightings pof the wonderful Orb.

The Orb are celebrating their twenty fifth anniversary with a tour and new compilation History of the Future.  I remember hearing them on John Peel as a youngster.  He didn’t  play their first  single, but when they retitled it A huge evergrowing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld, he was sold. Its odd when  you grow in parallel to a band, it’s rather nice but also it like this mirror mirroring your own process of ageing.

They were playing a night club The Haunt, which I hadn’t been to before. It was a dark and grungy club which I rather enjoyed. The atmosphere was really loved  up, everyone smiling just enjoying the moment.  There were people of all ages, but many my age. The band came on stage at 7.50, which was great for us older folks, they did  two hour set which covered their ‘hits’.  The final thirty minutes they created these wonderful dance rhythms and even I found myself dancing it was really infectious. I enjoyed the night reconnecting with parts of myself which had been sleeping for a long time.  As we trooped out of the club at about 10.00 the youngsters were  queueing to go inside.  A wonderful  metaphor for the passage of time.  They don’t know what they missed or perhaps they do?