Golden Moments


It’s  Christmas Eve and another year is about to conclude.  It was only the  domain name renewal payment which brought me back to this site.  I have never promoted it and I have enjoyed the anonymity of sharing thoughts with the whole world, yet not sharing them.

I now feel I would like to use the site differently. Primarily Woodland Decay will focus upon my academic writing, but as a personal site that does not preclude other thoughts and reflections upon our decaying lives.

The other day somebody pushed something through my  letterbox, I was mildly annoyed imagining  some pointless flyer for some pointless product. But what I found was a single chocolate billed as a golden moment (see photograph), which I am now enjoying.  It must have been a marketing  campaign as the guy was posting them through every letterbox, I would have eaten all of them if I was the chocolate postman.  I just loved this simple idea and the pleasure it gave me and others on my road. Just for a moment it pierced the nonsense of everyday life.

What have been my 2015 golden moments?  I have forgotten most of them, but in the spirit of gratitude here are a few.

Fish and Chips at the end of the day at a conference.  The day had gone really well presenting three papers and chairing a paper, I skipped the conference dinner and went and watched the boats coming and going, I was happy.

Growing soft fruit in the garden, it has been my outdoor obsession this year.  I haven’t been great at it, but I have enjoyed mingling theory and practice. I have enjoyed the cycle of nature and the rewards for my labours have been tasty.

My indoor obsession has been Sid Meier’s RailRoads, its an ancient PC game which completely absorbs me. It is quite manic as you build a railroad from the 1800s onwards, but it calms my head  like nothing else.

Finally, I have enjoyed academics who I admire getting in touch via the email and just chatting about academic stuff without ever meeting.

I wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my regular readers, I hope you enjoy some golden moments over this festive season. And to my new readers in 2016 I hope that you like (find) the revised site it will make more sense to you and me in 2016!

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