Into nature Past, Present & Future

Saltdean Surf’s Up

A short reflection on engaging with nature in my Saltdean suburb.

Over recent months, sunsets and sunrises have caught my imagination like never before. Apart from birth and death, they are the most visual and symbolic endings and beginnings in our lives. Literally the day begins and the day ends.  Whilst what comes in-between is often just noise, sunrises and sunsets are always a performance. I watch them closely in a vain attempt to capture the spectacle.  Even a cloudy sunset or sunrise goes through a series of unique acts,each with high points and low lights.  It is as if some otherworldly director is directing the production.  It is easy to understand why earlier civilisations organised their societies around such natural forces.

My focus has been trying to capture such changes in skies using  a simple camera.  This has been a learning curve and continues to be  a learning curve. I love the forests, but at this time of year they are sleeping, but come  March and April they will awaken again and I hope to be there, part of nature. As I took the photographs the tide was coming in and the sound was captured and echoed by the cliffs.

As the skies changed the sounds changed, it all felt very primordial – magic happens.