Into nature Woodland Decaying

Woodland Decaying March 2012

A short and fairly random reflection about a visit to Friston Forest.

The past, present and  future of changing is  made explicit in the natural cycles within the woods.  I have been fascinated for years in watching these processes of art and craft.  We are at the eve of spring and you can see the buds just about to happen, there are the early shoots of spring flowers this is the present looking towards the future. But simultaneously you can see the past, beneath your feet last years leaves.  They make the leaf mould that  helps to feed tomorrow’s plants.  It is all here and I was there today.

I ventured into Friston Forest which still looks naked at this time of year, but  despite being undressed it maintains its quiet charm.  I spent  some enjoyable time photographing fallen trees covered in moss.  The forest was claiming the trees for tomorrow’s life, but doing it in such a beautiful way.   Hope to do some  more shots soon as I really need bright sunlight to illuminate the greens as I saw them.

I returned home very satisfied with my adventures, only to be greeted by nature’s encore.  As  I peered into my pond I could see frog spawn.  It connected me with my distant past as a child and  had  big impact.  Also, in the present  I was able to see the future frogs in the making – isn’t nature wonderful?