Music for Resting In Peace

In my quieter moments I imagine the  music that might be played at my funeral.  It sounds morbid, but  I find the process of imagining three tracks a creative joy.   The process goes like this.  The first  track is background for entering  the building , it needs to set the tone and be respectful of the occasion.  The second track is mid-service and needs to engage with the subject at hand.  The third track is for leaving the building, it can be joyous in carrying people out of the building.   So here goes, that moment that you have all been waiting for:

Upon Entering

This is probably the only leftfield choice – I have gone for Jonsi and Alex’s track ‘Boy 1904‘ from the Riceboy Sleeps album.  This was an  album that slipped under the radar for many people.  My interest was fuelled by my interest in Sigur Ros and the album does have echoes of  Sigur Ros.  The track starts very atmospherically, I like the interference they have built into the recording.  It slowly builds into a choral masterpiece, so could be played on a  loop as people  found their seats.    I have  just looked the track up on the web, but I am none the wiser.  All I could  establish is that it features the last  recording of a castrato singer.

In the  Middle

I have gone for the This Mortal Coil version of ‘Song to the Siren’ off It’ll End in Tears.  It’s an obvious choice, with the bell sounding.  You can almost imagine Liz Fraser singing  to the Ferryboat man.  It always connects with me whenever I hear it.  It  is a  masterpiece which has been covered  many times, but this was the version for me.  I remember the Jeff Buckley documentary, you gained the impression that Liz was singing this song penned by Tim Buckley as a memorial for Jeff.

Upon Departure

Another obvious choice by the Flaming Lips – Do you Realize?? (and yes it does have two question marks). It’s taken from the wonderful Yoshimi Battles album. It’s just the right track to say goodbye.

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