Woodland Decaying (Autumn 2019)

It is odd but when I go down to the woods change and transformation makes most sense. I love how the old trees and old leaves give way to new trees and new leaves, a waltz in which old growth contributes to new growth. In the spring of 2020 I will witness that surge of new growth which is exciting and energising, but I will remember it is grounded literally (as the young people like to say), but also metaphorically in the past. My favourite woodland because of accessiblility is Friston Forest, I have enjoyed getting lost in Friston Forest many times.

On this occasion it was the most beautiful morning. We had had days and days of heavy rain, but this morning was warm and sunny. It made for this mist as the wood warmed up, which I have tried to capture here.

My goal was to get down and dirty with the fungi. The warm and wet summer made for some great photo opportunities and for a while I lost myself in nature.

Natural magic was at work in those woods and I was privileged to behold it. So I said goodbye to Friston Forest for another year and look forward to that spring surge of energy!

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